Boardwalk Empire Open Thread

Last night was the premiere of HBO’s new series, Boardwalk Empire. As you can see from this photo, it is a show about GENTLEMEN! LOLOLOL JK JK JK. It’s a show about JERKS! So far so great, am I right, you guys? Right. It’s one of those cases where I’m not even sure what there is to say about it. Have you ever read Flannery O’Conner? Her stories are so good that it’s just like, shut up. Shut up and read another one of her stories. I kind of feel that way about this. I’m not saying it’s the greatest show I’ve ever seen, but as someone who lacks any meaningful understanding of the history of the Prohibition Era, and who has only been to Atlantic City once, two weeks ago for that matter, and found that there were very few shops weighing impossibly small babies and a great many shops offering NIGHTMARE MASSAGES and also homophobic slur t-shirts, the show is immune to my criticisms. On top of that, it’s filled with great actors (HELLO, MICHAEL PITT) and cowboy sex and FEDERALES, and there were even some murders and two midgets boxing. But just because I don’t have much to say about it doesn’t mean you guys don’t. So say it already. THIS IS AMERICA, WHO IS STOPPING YOU?