Your Boyfriend Really Hates Toys R Us

This guy has something to say about Toys R Us, so it’s obviously NSFW. Headphones UP.

I was with him up until he started complaining about the jungle gym, but when he started complaining about the jungle gym, he lost me. Of course that jungle gym can’t support your “fat ass.” IT’S FOR CHILDREN, MUCH LIKE ALMOST EVERYTHING INSIDE THE STORE YOU WILL NOT STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT. At first he seemed to understand this, and had plenty of very important and interesting things about the state of modern childhood, but as with most unhinged rants, it quickly devolved into a demonstration of his own self-absorption. It’s a typical unhinged rant problem, but just because it is typical doesn’t make it any less of a problem. STAY FOCUSED, LUNATICS. (Thanks for the tip, werrtrew.)