This Is Just A Normal Cat Litter Commercial In Which Nothing Weird Happens

I’m sure no one smells glasses filled with cat urine or pops grains of cat littler into their mouth and eats them in this cat littler commercial.

Whoops! I was wrong. It’s funny how you can be so sure of something only to have the opposite be true LOL. Also, uh, WHAT ON EARTH? I mean, I know those are all a bunch of Joaquin Phoenix caliber actors and that this commercial was probably directed by Casey Affleck (pro-fake), but nevertheless. “Will you hold this glass of unnamed liquid up to your nose and breathe deeply?” “I absolutely will do that.” Those people actually deserved to have a giant whiff of face-crippling amoniac cat urine. It’s almost disappointing that this fantastic product works so well, just because I would have liked to see those people get what was coming to them. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)