These Guys Are VERY Excited About The Brooklyn Tornado

For a brief moment yesterday afternoon, the skies over Brooklyn opened up and let Brooklyn have it. There was supposedly a tornado, or something. I don’t know about all that, because I didn’t actually see a tornado, and I’m of the philosophy that if you do not see something with your own eyes through the one window you’re looking out of, then it definitely probably doesn’t exist. Although I did hear about a friend of mine’s brother’s neighbor’s roof being blown off. (Stories about friend’s brother’s neighbors are always the best stories, right, you guys? My only complaint is that they aren’t LONGER. [That is what she said {how deep can we Incept this parenthetical aside?}]) Also I saw a tree lying on the ground! Spooky! But apparently, if these dudes are to be believed, it was a DOUBLE TORNADO ALL THE WAY:

Haha. Relax, dudes. You’re going to ruin your panties! (Thanks for the tip, Jasper, Brian, and Shoogyboomz.)