Def Jam Rapstar Isn’t Just A Dope Videogame! It’s Also A Dope MATCHMAKER!

Boy, it turns out that “everything” I need to know about Def Jam Rapstar is A LOT. Should I set up my on-line profile now? Let me know when I need to set up my on-line profile so that I can find out who is the best on my block at Def Jam Rapstar. (I wonder if it is the divorced father of two college-age children who lives downstairs!) Of course, Def Jam Rapstar isn’t just a videogame that offers people like you and me (let’s be honest, white people) HOURS of unlimited embarrassment and humiliation. It’s also a great way to meet that special someone! This is easily my favorite part of the whole commercial:

Man, that part was so intense. JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL, BUDDY! But it was nice to see that it all worked out in the end, and they were finally able to take their relationship to the next level. Literally. The Freestyle Level.


It is a little surprising how nervous Method Man and Redman seem about this game. All the shouting and the boasting and the swear words. At first I thought the suggestion that you could use this game as your personal recording studio, and post your tracks on-line to build a fan base seemed like one of the most ridiculous lies an advertisement for a thing had ever told me, but then you have to admit that Method Man and Redman got REALLLLL nervous. Watch your back, Method Man and Redman. Streets is gaming.