Mel Gibson Is The New Mr. Cool Disguise!

First Charlie Sheen was Mr. Cool Disguise. Then Spencer Pratt was Mr. Cool Disguise. Now, the title of Mr. Cool Disguise goes to Mel Gibson for this excellent disguise. Very good disguise, Mel Gibson! Easily one of the top three disguises of all time. You know, I never realized how OFTEN the title of Mr. Cool Disguise changed hands! It turns out the answer is: very very often. Of course, some might argue that this disguise is not very effective in doing the actual work of disguising. Personally, as I have already said, I think this is a wonderful disguise, and I applaud Mel Gibson on choosing such a clever disguise. But there are those who would point out that Mel Gibson is a world famous movie star who has been at the forefront of people’s minds in recent months after the whole threatening-the-mother-of-his-child-with-physical-violence-because-of-something-to-do-with-a-hot-tub-blowjob-and-also-using-the-word-nigger-for-no-reason-and-blaming-all-the-wars-on-Jews thing, so a sloppy fake moustache, a pair of thrift store glasses, and a gas station baseball hat might not be enough to shield him from the Public Eye of Sauron. So, just in case, I’ve taken the liberty of improving Mel Gibson’s disguise, just in case. (Don’t worry, Mel Gibson, as far as I am concerned this disguise is just perfect. I’m only suggesting this as a way to get people to SHUT UP!)

Check it out, Mel Gibson:

Better! (Via TMZ.)