“Gay Hipster Fight” OR: Babies Wearing Costumes!

The video of the week, unfortunately, is called “Gay Hipster Fight,” and it is an actual for real fight on the streets of Los Angeles shot in the middle of the night. Admittedly, the fight, as the title suggests, features a lot of slapping and half-hearted sissy kicks and open-chested torn shirts that were neither opened nor torn by the fight itself if you know what I mean, not to mention some VERY catty remarks made by the bystanders. When the fight ends it’s hard to even understand WHAT is going on. Like, everyone kind of seems ready to go get some tacos together and see if their cocaine dealer is still around. All of that being said: a fight is still a fight, you guys. It’s weird and violent and animalistic and even in the least threatening of them something unexpected could easily happen and someone could get seriously hurt. Not cool! Stay in school! AND SO: you can watch this video after the jump if you want. That option IS available to you. And you could post a comment about how funny gay people are when they try to hurt each other for decontextualized reasons we’ll never know. OR: you could skip the video and just go straight to the thread of photos of babies wearing costumes.

The choice is yours, FIERCE GIRLFRIENDS.

FINISH HER! (Video via BuzzFeed, TheAwl, TheDailyWhat, HipsterRunoff, and TheHighDefinite.)