Today We Give Thanks For The Jobs That We Have!

NIGHTMARE ALERT! NIGHTMARE ALERT! After the jump, I have posted a video taken from a helmet-cam of a worker whose job, every day, is to free climb to the top of a 1768 ft. transmission tower. This is just the normal morning routine of your standard BARF TECHNICIAN. “It looks like our barf is down and needs immediate barf maintenance. Put on your barf gear and barf up there so we can barf around and see what needs barfing.” I know the lingo. Anyway, this video is seriously disgusting. I hope the guy who filmed this video caught a stray gust of wind and got blown off the top of the tower and for a few seconds felt the same existential terror that I feel just watching it, and then landed on a puffy cloud and floated gently to the ground without a scratch on him, but despite being miraculously unharmed by the harrowing accident, was shaken to his core and realized that he needed to quit and pursue a more reasonable line of work. Now he is a cobbler! The world needs cobblers!

You guys, let’s all be so grateful today for the jobs we have. And if we are unemployed, which I know is frustrating and stressful and a source of constant self-doubt, let’s at least remember that at least we are unemployed in our homes and not unemployed on top of a 1768 ft tall transmission tower! (Via TheHighDefinite.)