The Videogum Louis CK Promise: From The Archives: Lopez Tonight

Before we even get started, let me just say one thing real quick to the Internet at large: RELAX. I know that this clip is a couple months old. On top of that, it’s just some clip from a late night talk show. I’m sure that if the Internet had a jail, I would be sent there for eBreaking all the iLaws. (And I’m sure if the Internet had a jail, Mauru would be the warden and Dramatic Chipmunk would be raping everybody constantly.) Save your breath, Internet. But the thing is: some of us made a promise, and some of us intend to keep that promise (and some of us have found almost nothing interesting going on today). Besides, the thing about this clip is that it is great! It’s just George Lopez interviewing Louis C.K. for six minutes, except that instead of interviewing him, he basically just lets him sit there and tell jokes, and none of the jokes are jokes that I’ve heard before, and I’ve heard A LOT of Louis C.K.’s jokes before. And so here we are. You know, the world used to be a place where a man (blog) was actually RESPECTED for keeping his (its) promises.

Set your DVRs to record Louie on FX! I have a feeling that show is going to be one of the best shows on television and almost universally beloved by viewers and a runaway success.