The Children Of Darfur Applaud Upcoming Time Warner Service Changes!

Time Warner is about to make some service changes that will provide cable subscribers (in New York) with timely updates about the status of their upcoming visit from a repair technician, making it much easier in our fast-paced TUMBLR society to plan our busy lives accordingly, without long, frustrating wait times. From WNYC:

As a part of the new franchise agreement city officials have negotiated with Time Warner Cable and Cablevision, cable customers will receive status updates about their appointments with technicians through texts, emails or on the Web.

Yay! I hate waiting for the cable guy. Someone should make a movie about, like, a cable guy who just goes crazy. That would be hilarious. Not sure what you would call it, though. Anyway, this is the best news I’ve heard in a long time, I’m sure. Life just keeps getting better. These guys get it:

Now we don't have to reschedule our previous engagement of having chronic diarrhea!

Thanks, Time Warner. You are a good company and your prices are reasonable and I always enjoy dealing with you! (Check your local listings for SARCASM!)