Ginger Kid Dresses Like The Mad Hatter And Plans A Rap Video

We should all be so lucky as to find some costume that makes us happy to wear in our backyard while vlogging in this world. That being said, I’m pretty sure you cannot put on an elaborate silken Mad Hatter costume a propos of nothing in the middle of September, replete with heavy face makeup that you readily announce was applied by your aunt, and then complain that people think you are gay. I mean, the reality is that’s not a thing that gay people do as far as I know. I don’t know any gay people who ask their aunts to help with their Mad Hatter makeup because they need it to be perfect for a big vlog post coming up. And what gay dude even has time to dress like the Mad Hatter and vlog in the backyard when there are so many horse tranquilizers to take before having unprotected sex at a highway rest stop on the way to the fabric store for supplies to make one’s own window treatments?! (Yikes.) That being said, this definitely has a gay feel to it. It’s not even the costume (well, it’s kind of the costume) as much as it is how CopperCab sucks in his cheeks and mugs for the camera. Again, to clarify, I don’t think that CopperCab is necessarily gay, and I could care less, but I think we can all agree he has some very serious identity issues. I mean, isn’t that what this whole thing has been about from the very beginning? At the very least, his feigned surprise and pre-emptive self-defense does not help his case (which he should rest).

Of course, all of this is just speculation. I’m sure the whole thing will be cleared up by his upcoming rap video. (Thanks for the tip, Matt.)