VIDEOGUM EXCLUSIVE: Superchunk “Digging For Something”

As a perfect antidote in almost every way to the grim and joyless disaster that was last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, I’m very excited to share with you a brand new video for Superchunk off their new album, Majesty Shredding. Yes! It’s the first new music from our old pals (playing together) in nine years! The video catches up with the old gang who have gone their separate ways. It was directed by former Daily Show writer Scott Jacobson, and features Mac, Laura, Jim, and Jon, as well as John Darnielle from the Mountain Goats and also comedian Ted Travelstead and also a bunch of dudes from Perfect. If you’ll allow me a brief moment of self-indulgence (as if you have a choice, and as if there are ever any other kind of brief moments on this website) Superchunk was my number one favorite band in high school and college (THAT’S RIGHT, I’VE BEEN TO COLLEGE!), so the opportunity to premiere their new video is just really exciting for me (which is what is most important always: me and how me feels). And because the video is so good, and also the song is great, this should be really exciting for you as well.


McDonalds should change their slogan to Majesty Shredding because I’M LOVIN IT! (Out tomorrow on Merge records.)