The Videogum “Back To School” Comedy Show And Party

As we all know, sometimes in life things do not work out the way you had planned. And so, for some of you, attendance at last night’s Videogum “Back to School” comedy show and party just wasn’t possible. Perhaps you do not live in New York (weird), or maybe you are not 21 years old (diapers), or maybe you are sick. Get well soon! For the rest of us, last night’s event was a reminder that sometimes in life things work out PERFECTLY. What a fun show, ladies and germs! There was a great turn out, but even more importantly, there were great jokes. With performances by Gabe Liedman, Joe Mande, Max Silvestri, John Mulaney, and a foot-long party sub provided by Jon Glaser, it was already one of the best nights of comedy you could ever see, but add to that surprise appearances by Jenny Slate and Judah Friedlander and now your head is spinning in circles because that is just unbelievable. Well, believe it. Hopefully we can do more things like this soon, because it was a very good time, and if you are capable of having more good times, why would you ever pass that up? Come on. Now you’re the one who is being silly.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who could make it and love remembering things right away, please enjoy this photo gallery. It’s hilarious, I’m sure. (Photos taken by the incredibly talented Alex Reside.)