It Might As Well Be 9/11

Oh man, you guys. Last night’s Videogum “Back to School” comedy show and party was such a success! So much fun. Literally too much fun. We’ll post some pictures later today and everyone can relive the excitement of sitting in a room for two hours listening to white people talk. But for the moment it is all very head + yogurt cup and all that that entails. Did you know that tomorrow is September 11th? The anniversary of the genuinely tragic event that spawned a decade of fear and hatred and violence and the unfortunately omnipresent expression “the tragic events of”? Well, it might as well be 9/11 TODAY for how my head feels right now. Too soon? No. We’ve had years of distance for me to be able to make that weak joke that might not even be a joke I can’t even tell anymore. All of our lives have been leading up to this one moment. And in this moment’s honor, let’s once again revisit the Annual Videogum 9/11 Tribute Video. Enjoy, and NEVER FORGET THIS VIDEO: