This Is Your Candidate For Stark County, Ohio, Treasurer: Phil Davison

“If you ask me, I think that both of the parties are corrupt and more interested in playing politics with each other than they are in making this country a better place for regular Americans like you and me. Now, what I’d like to see is someone who really speaks his mind. Someone with a fragile, broken, possibly diseased mind, really speaking it. Hopefully his face would get all red, and he would be screaming, and people wouldn’t know why he was screaming, because it wouldn’t seem like screaming was necessary, but that’s just it: he has to scream, because his brain is broken! That’s the kind of guy I’d like to send to Washington. Or, not Washington exactly, but the Stark County, Ohio, Treasurer’s office.” — You

While Phil Davison did not win the Republican nomination for Stark County, Ohio, Treasurer, he did win the bi-partisan nomination for Mayor of RELAX! Town. (Thanks for the tip, ohthehorrorofitall.)