January Jones Looks Great! (How We Sexism Now)

The first images of January Jones as Emma Frost on the set of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class have leaked, and she looks great! Seriously. She looks amazing. I want to go to the zoo with her. We wouldn’t have any children with us, and people would be like, uh, you guys, the zoo is kind of for families, and you both look really intense, and I would be like, “get lost,” and they would be shocked. Then we would sit on a bench outside of the lizard house eating sandwiches wrapped in wax paper. I want to travel on an airplane with her. As we boarded, people would look at us and think that we were awfully dressed up for a 2 hour airplane ride to Chicago, and I would look right back at them and respond out loud, as if I could read their minds, “have some self respect.” I want to sit in the waiting room while she visits the doctor. My point is, she looks great.

Of course, the funny thing is, every other time we have talked about someone dressed in their costume on the set of a Hollywood movie, it has not been as flattering. For example, Mr. Wizard over here, and also Sean Penn Nazi Hunter. Is it sexism? MAYBE. It turns out beautiful women can wear WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT and still be VERY ATTRACTIVE. That being said, the counter-argument is that Nicolas Cage can wear whatever the fuck he wants, and he will still look like a transexual wizard with a serious Oxycontin addiction. So. Even Stephanies.

Click through to enlarge. (Photo via TheSuperficial.)