You Guys, We Should Buy More Baby Carrots

WHOA! These motherflipping baby carrots are all up in your motherflipping grill, boys! Obviously, the whole point of these Crispin Porter + Bogusky + Draper & Price commercials, part of their $25 million campaign on behalf of America’s carrot industry, is to mock well-known advertising tropes, because as we know, pop culture is an ouroboros and it’s almost full. Nevertheless, I obviously support this campaign. Basically, I’m just waiting until our culture gets to a point where everything is an episode of Disney Blam!, at which point I can finally climb into that hole in the forest and let the dirt cover me for good. Not surprisingly, our culture is SO CLOSE to the point where everything is an episode of Disney Blam! So close. I should probably start walking out to the woods now.

Two more baby carrots ads after the jump that let you know that these baby carrots are NOT your daddy’s baby carrots. (Your daddy’s baby carrots were just regular carrots, because your daddy grew up in a world of ADULTS.):

“Baby carrots are da bomb!” — Your Mom (Via AdFreak.)