Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

You guys, I’m really excited for Videogum’s “Back to School” comedy show and party tomorrow night* in Brooklyn! Are you coming? You should come! We have a great lineup (Gabe Liedman, Joe Mande, Max Silvestri, and MORE). Uh, basically the best lineup? Also it is free, which is one of the best prices these days. Such a good price. It is taking place at the Bell House in Brooklyn. Doors are at 8. (AWESOME!) And afterwards, we will all retire to the bar and enjoy each other’s company, LIKE A FAMILY. Amrit from Stereogum will DJ. Call him with your requests today! Then home by 3AM to finish your homework (BOOOOOO!). To find out all the details, please go here, or here, but I really hope that you are there. It will be so embarrassing if no one shows up! But in a sense that would be appropriate, because of how SCHOOL IS EMBARRASSING. Get in your locker, nerd! Why are you hitting yourself, nerd! You are a nerd, nerd!

Topher Grace, of course, is enthusiastically invited to attend tomorrow night’s event, and we will hold a spot open on the show if he’d like to perform. But until we wait to see whether or not that definitely happens, let’s see what is up with him!

Topher Grace attended The Art of Elysium Genesiu Awards, whatever THAT means. Here he is signing autographs and posing for photographs outside. One guy has a bunch of really interesting questions about his work on That ’70s Show that really give you a good idea of how fun and interesting it must be to go to events when you are famous!

So cool! What a fun cool way to spend your time. That guy should probably ask all the questions. Goodnight, Larry King.

Meanwhile, Topher Grace’s ex-girlfriend, working Australian actress Teresa Palmer, was recently interviewed on a radio talk show and forced to decide which of her ex-boyfriends she would like to “shag,” “marry,” or “shoot.” That is a game that just rolls off the tongue. Good work, Australia. Apparently, you are no longer an island of former convicts. Now you are an island of Miltons Bradley! ANYWAY: wait until you hear what Ms. Palmer has to say about Topher Grace in comparison to Russell Brand and Adam Brody! (Via PopSugar Australia):

Cool. Did she win the game? Let me know if she won.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time!

*My apologies to any Jews for whom tomorrow night’s performance poses a scheduling problem. It was genuinely just an oversight on our part. But, perhaps you can assuage your guilt by coming to the show and ringing in the New Year with SO MANY JEWS THAT IT IS ALMOST RIDICULOUS.