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OK, no, THIS is how the summer ends. You guys, I’ll be honest, summer is kind of the worst. I mean, it is the best and also the worst, which in some ways is the most that you can expect from any one thing. That it raises so many emotions! But you have to admit that the summertime exerts an almost impossible, aggressive tyranny over your ability to live your life. HAVE FUN! BE OUTSIDE! BBBQ IS THA BEST! That is what the summer says. And yet we submit! Like battered housewives, NO OFFENSE TO THE SERIOUSNESS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I am simultaneously trying to be cute and also explain something real:which is that the summer’s grip is a strangle, and our breath is a death rattle. And yet, we win. Because we live on. So, goodnight, summer. Hello, autumn. We’ve got a bunch of shit to show you. Are you ready, autumn? Get ready. Here it comes.

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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 facetaco | Aug 31st Score:84

They should have stuck with the original title “From Gucci to Hoochie”.

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#4 Godsauce | Aug 30th Score:85

Shiba’s Just Not That Inu You

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#3 duncan | Aug 31st Score:86

well at least it’s better than his last snack commercial…

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#2 dexterbotwin | Aug 30th Score:88

Eat Spay Love

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#1 the dilemma | Aug 31st Score:104

As a human person, I am offended by both posters.

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[Ed. note: You guys, I only say this once or twice a year, and that’s on me, but you guys make Videogum what it is. On this SACRED HOLIDAY WEEKEND let me once more say that this site would be nothing without its community, for which I am eternally grateful. And I mean that literally. I’m going to be there, in the sand-swept wastes of time at the gates of hell letting you know that I appreciate it. You’ll see.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 fourisfive | Aug 30th Score:-61
Can we all do the world a favour and stop asking if something is a “thing”? Ex:
teacherman: Is Felicity still a thing?
What the fuck is wrong with you? That’s ridiculous for so many reasons and it’s not cute or funny or even GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT, you terrible person!
imperialism and bigots: Was this a thing?

In the first 20 comments, there are two instances of mis-“thing”-use. I see it all over this site, as everyone is trying so desperately to be cute and funny for their INTERNET FRIENDS. Ahh, everything about this makes me sad. You’re all ridiculous and this inane site with its cultural musings are irrelevant and wasteful.

I hope you all see the error of your ways.

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[Ed. note: Shut up, fourisfive.]

This Week’s Caption Contest

#10 That One | Aug 27th Score:76

Sorry to be off-topic, but an adorable dog post seems like the appropriate place to tell you guys that I’m heading back to Michigan on Monday to get married! I don’t know why I thought I should mention it, but I’m super excited and you guys kinda seem like friends to me. Yay! The next time you hear from me, I’ll be a married monster.

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[Ed. note: OK, so, admittedly, this was not even a comment on this week’s caption contest. But for one, usually the caption contest generates at least ONE comment in the top 10, which we can bump up to this glorious position of enobled recognition, but this week that did not happen, and fair enough, it was a publicity still from a TV show after all, nothing to get the heart racing. And for b) THIS COMMENT IS SO TOUCHING AND AWESOME. Congratulations once more, That_One. You earned it.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

[Ed. note: Do I really have to do this? Select a single comment from the multitude of wonderful comments this week? DING DONG! Nope! I don’t. Guess who makes the rules around here. GABE DOES! So, congratulations to everyone. Let’s go to the beach. See you at the beach.]

POSTSCRIPT: I am taking an extra day off this weekend and REALLY doing it. See you Wednesday, fellas.