Sidney Dalton Tore Down Justin Bieber Posters

Yesterday, Sidney Dalton became a trending topic on Twitter after posting this video of her and her friends tearing down Justin Bieber posters. LOL:

Yiiiikes. HOW DARE HER?! Apparently, the unrestrained anger of Justin Bieber fans has resulted not only in Sidney Dalton’s momentary blip, and a few reaction videos (one of which is posted after the jump), but she has also received death threats. DEATH THREATS! You know, it’s totally normal for teenagers to be into things that grown adults (in some cases, very grown, like maybe too grown. I’m writing this from a hospital bed, and I can’t wait for you read my cloud-blog in iHeaven) don’t understand or relate to or see the appeal of, but kids seriously need to re-examine their death threat priorities. You don’t just toss that shit around, 12-year-olds! When I was in school, our death threats were about things that mattered. Like Big League Chew. And pegging your jeans.

Anyway, this is probably the best of the reaction videos so far:

Oh, ladies. Go back to bed! (First video via Popeater. Second video via HighDefinite.)