Lionel Richie’s Potato Chip Commercial Is The Saddest Potato Chip Commercial Of All Time

After the jump, I have posted a British television commercial for potato chips (or as they are called across the pond, lorry crisps) featuring Lionel Richie singing a parody version of his hit song “Say You Say Me.” As you will discover, it is not the original lyrics about being in love, nope, now the lyrics are about CRUNCY POTATO CHIPS! Good grief. If the ad is to be believed, Lionel Richie is a total chiphead. You might be trying to have a pleasant picnic with your friends, or ride the bus to the hospital, and here he comes, singing his song. And then he SPOILER ALERT gets thrown through a window. Now, look, I’ve never had a hit single that dads across America played in their cars on a near endless loop until Sting’s Field of Gold came out, and we all have to put food on our families, but somehow there’s something about entering your golden years and finding yourself forced to parody one of the highlights of your entire life in order to pay for your upcoming pool house renovations and/or hip replacement surgery that I find almost impossibly depressing. Chips are supposed to be about HAVING FUN, not tripping our way face-first down the stairs to death’s door while children laugh at us!

Doritos would never pull something like this. They are a gentlemen’s snack. (Via AdFreak.)