That’s Your Bell Tower: Lady Gaga Bell Tower

“I used to have this other bell tower, but things didn’t work out. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes, I guess. ‘There’s plenty of other bell towers in the sea,’ and all that. Anyway, now I’ve got a new bell tower, and things are going great. He’s not at all like the other bell towers. He’s got his own thing going on. Just the other day, at noon, instead of playing some stupid old chimes, he played Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance.’ The two of us were just cracking up about it. ‘Did you see all of their faces?’ we said to each other? ‘That was hilarious!’ Well, mostly I was the one who said those things, because he’s a bell tower, and bell towers can’t say human words, only bell words. But you know what I mean. I love this bell tower so much. I want to marry it!”

–You, as always

Good luck to the two of you! (Via Urlesque.)