Which Of These Movie Posters Is Worse?

Finally, someone asking the TOUGH QUESTIONS. On the one hand, you’ve got the Life As We Know It poster, in which we are reminded that men are actually giant babies, except instead of pooping in diapers, they poop in their underwear, and instead of drinking milk from a bottle, they drink beer from a bottle. Hahahaha, just like a baby! “Pay your rent, baby!” And also: “The fact that there are times in which the looming pressures and sacrifices of fatherhood sometimes makes you uncomfortable allows me to condescendingly reduce and compare you to the functional capacity of an infant, despite the fact that you have a job, dress yourself, and don’t put your face on oven burners if someone’s not watching you.” Nonsense. And congratulations to Katherine Heigl for continuing to stand up to Hollywood’s Boys Club with yet another powerful, three-dimensional female character, I’m sure.

On the other hand, you’ve got From Prada to Nada, which features a young woman holding a cardboard sign JUST LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON WOULD, except instead of the cardboard sign featuring a request for desperately-needed aid due to a lifetime of mental illness and systemic socio-economic repression, it just says “Will Work for Shoes.” It simultaneously makes a mockery of the very real problem of poverty, while also portraying women as shallow, materialistic shitheads. “One adult ticket to this movie that appeals to me, please.” That’s what you say, probably.

So? Which will it be? They are both very awful! CALL IT, REFS!