The 2010 Emmy Awards

You know, I’m not a huge fan, personally, of self-congratulatory awards ceremonies funded by an industry in order to perpetuate its own market dominance, and last night’s Emmys were no exception, but there were actually some pretty good parts! The opening number was great. Hurley dancing! Kate Gosselin jokes! And Jimmy Fallon’s three-part musical parody number dedicated to the shows we’ve lost this year was really funny. Otherwise, he pretty much stayed out of the way and kept the show going, which was his job, after all. I will say that the “fan Twitter” thing was a rare miss. It’s 2010, we all have computers now, and we’re all aware that we all have computers, it doesn’t have to constantly be a “thing.” Relax, Emmys. Lots of deserving people won awards they deserved, and apparently they gave one to the guy from Big Bang Theory because he only has two months left to live? Guys, I’m worried about the guy from Big Bang Theory. Jon Cryer, of course, was ROBBED. But the highlight of the evening has to have been Ricky Gervais. Holy cow! That was just great. He tore Mel Gibson a new one because Ricky Gervais has a million million dollars and don’t give a ffffffff. And beers. And Bucky Gunts. Tonight we are all Bucky Gunts, indeed.