Tony Danza Is A Teacher Liar

First this:

And then this:

Just kidding.

You know, Tony Danza could be doing a lot worse things with his time than pretending like he’s a school teacher (which he is not). He could, for example, be pretending to be a cop. But I don’t like how these shows posit these former stars as American Heroes. At the very least, I would like some kind of certificate of authenticity, you know? Because, on the one hand, it’s not impossible that Tony Danza, when faced with a fading acting career and a mortgage, would decide to become a teacher, and when approached by a reality TV crew, was very hesitant and reluctant to participate until A&E offered the school a new computer lab and an organic cafeteria test kitchen and a scholarship program. OR, it could be that faced with a fading acting career and a mortgage, Tony Danza asked A&E to help him get a job teaching so that they could turn it into a reality show, and then use that reality show to improve his visibility and return to an acting career. It could go either way, I’m sure. (It could not go either way.)

Oh look! From Wikipedia:

In August 2009, it was reported that Danza would star in a new A&E reality show “Teach” in which he would co-instruct a 10th Grade English class at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. Filming has taken place during the 2009-10 school year.

Co-instruction, just one of the most noble things that you can do. It’s like they always say: “if you co-change just one young person’s life with your exploitative and self-aggrandizing reality show, it was all co-worth it.” (We live in a miserable world built on the laziest lies.) (Via Vulture.)