The Dallas Observer Wins The Cee-Lo “Fuck You” Movie Mash-Ups Race

People are going out of their minds for the new Cee-Lo song! “I’m crazy, put me in the hospital!” That’s what people are saying when they call up the radio to request it. (Haha. Remember when that was a thing that people actually DID? Remember when radio was actually a THING?!) It is very catchy, and wisely throwback in a way that capitalizes (literally, $$$$!) on contemporary society’s nearly frantic addiction to the pleasures of nostalgia. Seriously, we are all getting so hell-bent on recreating the emotional states of the past* that we might miss the kick and never come back to the present. Personally, it’s not my favorite song. I think it trades too hard on shock value, and as much as this is going to make me sound like a very old man (which I am), I think it is too coarse! I believe that words are ciphers and that intent and meaning are much more important than empty signifiers, and I’ve used the word “cunt” in casual conversation, and yet, a pop song with a sing-song anthem chorus of “Fuck You”? It’s a little much. THERE MIGHT BE FRAGILE WOMEN WITHIN EARSHOT.

That being said, it’s clearly one of the songs of the summer. And as such, it requires its share of Internet mash-ups. Luckily, the Dallas Observer just knocked that s#*! out of the park. After the jump, three Cee-Lo “Fuck You” Internet movie mash-up videos, all from the Dallas Observer, all pretty great:

Shawshank Redemption

Say Anything

Dirty Dancing

That’ll do, Dallas Observer. That’ll do. Just in general, that will also do on the Cee-Lo “Fuck You” mash-ups, rest of the Internet. You work is done here. (Via GotchaMedia.)

*Basically, anything from before 9/11. Someone should write a paper for their class on this.