The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Real Life SPOILER ALERT

An art collective (or something, I have no idea how that stuff works) has installed some charming (I’m sure) signs in New York subway stations that say SPOILER ALERT. Personally, I think these signs would be more appropriately displayed around the necks of cheating lovers and Burger King calorie information posters, but I understand how getting the sign to those locations might require Neck Face style rooftop shenanigans. It’s just not very safe! So, a train arrival time countdown clock will have to do. SPOILER ALERT: your train is eventually coming, either sooner or later than you had expected or hoped? Art is weird, you guys. Speaking of art, why don’t you follow your caption muse and caption this photo. What are those two art lovers thinking or saying? What is the SPOILER? WHAT DOES THE TRAIN THINK OF ALL THIS? (In art, trains can talk! Haha, art, you crazy.)

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s SPOILER ALERT Monsters’ Ball. Won’t that be SPOILER ALERT neat? (Image via LaughingSquid.)