Teen Korner: Taylor Lautner (SWOON) Teaches Us About A Little Thing I Like To Call “Self-Confidence”


Rad dudes and intelligent young women, trust this old dude when he says that he totes knows what you’re going through. Meat Lovers P’Zone! It’s hard to have self-confidence and to stand up for yourself when sometimes you don’t even know who you are. “I know who I am, why don’t you go out to the garage and build yourself a coffin and then climb in it and I bet no one will even bury you because everyone who cared about you is dead, grandpa,” is what you’re probably all saying. That’s just the fear and the raging hormones talking. Diet Slice! It’s OK to be confused and scared, even your teachers and your parental units are confused and scared most of the time. No doubt! I’m just a girl! Mixtapes!

“Knowing who you are is a lifetime journey, not a lifetime destination” — Deepak Chopra iPhone App. But even if you’re still trying to decide who you are (“Am I a vegan? Do I like rap?”) you should never be afraid to stand up for yourself. Not only will it get adults to treat you with the respect you deserve as tiny human beings with no experience or understanding of the world but with a desperate need to be thought of as complete people, but it will also get the bullies to GET A LIFE! Out of the way, bullies, some of us have a one-way ticket on the self-esteem train, non-stop to Confidence Town! But don’t just take my word for it, check out my main man Taylrrr Lautn$r!

From TMZ:

In a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Lautner claims he made a deal with McMahon’s RV to purchase a personal trailer for around $300,000 … a trailer he could use while shooting his new movie, “Abduction.”

According to the suit, the deal was that the trailer would be tricked out and delivered by no later than June 21 … but it wasn’t.

Lautner claims breach of contract and fraud and wants unspecified damages.

Of course, our hopes and prayers are with T-Diggity right now that he gets the “tricked out” trailer that he needs. But no matter what happens to his trailer during this difficult time, BIG UPS to the Lautinator for standing his ground and filing a SELF-RESPECT SUIT. He is an attorney-at-LAWESOME. A contract is a contract. Bros before hos. Pimp juice. Jeggings.