Hello, Inmates, Welcome To Your Asylum

As someone is bound to tell you at any decent funeral, life is for the living. And so, this morning, I am on an airplane. And this afternoon I will be in a car. And this evening I will be in a house by a grand and beautiful lake, spending some time with my birth family. Tomorrow and Thursday we will be back to normal, sort of, although one might be sympathetic to the fact that when I am at a beach house, I am far more interested in the actual for real flesh and blood (ew) beach than I am in the Internet’s infinite JPEGS and other FAKE and GAY simulacrum of beaches. ANYHOW: for today, you be the blog. There’s certainly plenty to talk about. For example, the trailer for the new Darren Aronofsky movie, Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Finally, The Wrestler 4 ladiez! Or: did you know that the Cartoon Network is debuting a Mad Magazine cartoon show this fall? Does “Spy Vs. Spy” really have a place in the post-9/11 cultural landscape? DISCUSS! Meanwhile, this is barf and this is cute. The point is, there is plenty to be shared and turned upside down. Lord knows, no matter how hard you guys work while I am away, we will still be no closer to understanding what it all MEANS. But I urge you to try! Please post interesting links, jokes, thoughts, critiques, and cetra in the comments. We have nothing if we do not have each other. And let it be known far and wide that when I return tomorrow morning, I expect to see two billion comments on this thread. TWO BILLION. Make it so.