Breaking Alvin Greene News: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

After being indicted on obscenity charges last Friday, a local news station went to Alvin Greene’s home to follow up with the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate and see if, considering his legal situation, he would remain in the race. At which point, he began howling.

I will admit that I thought the story about Alvin Greene claiming that the best solution to restoring South Carolina’s faltering economy was to put people to work making Alvin Greene action figures was about as good as his candidacy would get. But howling “GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYY” at a news reporter from inside your home while simultaneously insisting that you are going to continue to run for the United States Senate even though nothing about your candidacy has ever made sense and now you have been indicted on obscenity charges is PRETTY SOLID. I hope he puts “Alvin Greene: NOOOOOOOO GO AWAYYYYYYYYY 2010″ on his new lawn signs. Of course, in the spirit of fairness, we offer Basil Marceaux Dot Com equal blogtime for a rebuttal. (Via GotchaMedia.)