Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

I would like to grab the microphone and unleash a string of profanities and then activate the emergency slide, grab two beers, and JUMP OUT OF THIS WEEK! You guys know what I’m talking about? Sometimes it just gets to be too much. I quit! I quit the week of August 9-13! NOW WHERE IS MY PARADE? (Incidentally, I think it was terribly irresponsible of Steven Slater to abandon his work, right when the threat of TERROR BABIES was at its highest. That guy must hate America something awful.)

After the jump, the five Highest Rated Comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated comment, the winner of this week’s Baby Conan/Cowell Nightmare Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 That One | Aug 11th Score:108

No point in fighting it now:

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#4 shellbomber | Aug 9th Score:110

Benji, you sound like a cool kid but please leave the recaps to your Grandpa Gabe.

Posted in: Mad Men S04E03: New Year’s Eve You Get To Stay Up To Midnight
#2 hellsbells53 | Aug 12th Score:117


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#1 That One | Aug 9th Score:123

But what do you guys think about the ambiguous ending? Do you think he stopped spinning?

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[Ed. note: Well done, everyone. Lots of very funny comments this week! Barkeep, a round of handshakes for my friends, here.]

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

jimmy jones | Aug 6th Score:-45
Honestly, how much sympathy are we supposed to have towards women who don’t leave their abusive boyfriends? It’s called respect, and if you don’t receive it from someone, don’t deal with them.

BTW, her safeword is “Banana Magic.”

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[Ed. note: Really? 2010? This comment?]

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

[Ed. note: Congratulations, Incredimark. You earned it!]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

Lysdexia | Aug 9th Score:51

Good thing she didn’t attempt to interpret “Let’s Get Retarded.”

Posted in: “My Humps” Performed In Sign Language At A Black Eyed Peas Concert

[Ed. note: LOL. Sideways half-smile half-frown emoticon. Full-smile emoticon.]