Background: back in June, a Republican congressman from Texas took to the House Floor and revealed a TERRIFYING TERRORISM PLOT OF TERROR! From TalkingPointsMemo:

June 25, 2010: Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) went to the House floor Thursday night, to warn of a diabolical terrorist plot — with a 20-30 year timeline.

The plot involves arranging for a child to be born in the United States — then training them in an isolated environment abroad, ready to dispatch them back here to commit violence after a quick two or three decades.

Yikes! I mean, it definitely makes sense. There is no easier way to recruit someone to a Jihadist way of life than to give birth to them in 2010 and spend the next 20 to 30 years raising them with a fundamentalist belief system. That’s why there have never been any terrorist attacks, yet. Because no one will become a terrorist if they weren’t born with that specific purpose in mind. Thus the invention of TERROR BABIES! No doy. (My favorite part is the 20-30 year spread. Like, if you’ve spent your whole life as a terror baby, you’d think you’d be ready at 20, but I guess some people get busy with work or something.)

Anyway, last night, Anderson Cooper invited Congressman Louie Gohmert onto his show to defend his claims, and holy moly, THIS IS THE BEST:

Hahahaha. He mad! Terror Babies, you guys. Never Forget. (Via BuzzFeed.)