Jersey Shore S02E03: Can I Smoosh You, Please?

At this point, we have spent enough time with these people, that the persistent cartoonishness of them has become normalized and faded into the background, like white noise. And so everyone appeared entirely reasonable in last night’s episode. Sure, there were unreasonable moments as well, like when Mike went outside of the gelato shop with his shirt off to lure in customers, or every time Angelina opened her mouth, or Ronnie’s face. But for the most part, people were working hard to find common solutions to their differences! The Situation as The Peacemaker. Snooki as human empathy. The problem, of course, is that no one enjoyed this show for its humanization of clowns. The humanization might have helped some people feel better about why they were watching (“it’s not just schadenfreude and gape-mouthed bemusement, there is real pathos here”), but it was the puerile drama and unapologetic clownishness that was the real appeal. Most of which is missing this time around. I keep waiting for it to shake off its neutered, co-opted, pre-watched VHS tone, but it doesn’t. It’s like Target Presents: Jersey Shore Miami. It’s friendly! And boring! We’re all on board? GTL is an actual thing now, that someone can just say and we’re all like “right, yes, of course, GTL, it’s Friday”? Perhaps the problem as that this show is now without surprise. It’s as if we are watching last season on repeat, but all the fights and duck phones have been edited out. Anyway, I hope Sammi and Ronnie break shut up!