Best New Party Game 29: Work Movies & Memorable Work Quotes

Between America’s Stewardess, Steven Slater, with his “triumphant” (or not) exit from an airplane/lifelong career, and that girl with the wipe boards, which to be honest, I do not even know what that is all about because it was boring when it was “real” and it’s even more boring as a “hoax,” and then also the most recent dismal jobs report, people got work on the brain! Quitting work! Fake Quitting Work! Dreaming of even just getting some fucking work! Either way: this calls for a party, right? If you just quit your job in a melodramatic self-righteous outburst of self-indulgence, have a party. If you just got a new job, have a party. And if you’ve been without work longer than 92 weeks and are on the verge of losing your unemployment benefits, girl, you have got to do something to take your mind off things! Here is a game you can play at this part you are definitely having, we just agreed:

    A Few Good Pens
    Collate Damage
    From Desk Till Dawn
    Boss of the Rings


    • “I want you to three hole punch me as hard as you can.”
    • “I drink your milkshake using your mug, which you accidentally left on the dish rack in the kitchenette.”
    • “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t have to go to the 5PM Q2 input analysis meeting.”
    • “My name is Inigo Montoya, you worked with my father, prepare to give me an internship I don’t deserve.”

I’m going to write a best-selling book about how to get ahead in games called WHO MOVED MY POINTS? (Good grief. Do you ever just exhaust yourself?)