That’s Your Boyfriend: Dan Gordon-Levitt

Pop Eater has an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother, Dan, a.k.a. YOUR BOYFRIEND, a fire-dancing “flow artist” (???) and he says a lot of the same things in the interview that he said on your first date when he swept you off your feet:

Flow arts is a combination of performance art and dance and meditation and yoga and sort of self-transformation, to give you a fun way of doing something that’s really good for you and helps you be an even smoother, more awesome person than you already were. It’s fun to practice, you can look good to your friends, it doesn’t require a lot of money to do. But it takes time, and you can get really good.

I’ve been doing this for eight years. Every single time I’ve ever danced with fire, I have had somebody with a fire-proof cloth making sure I was safe. One of the things I absolutely emphasize in the Flow Temple is safety training. [It] comes as a mandatory part before anybody has my blessing to do anything with fire. So far, none of my students have gotten injured and people have been very respectful of the potential danger.

You know what, we should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that makes us happy. And if Dan Gordon-Levitt finds that in “flow arts” (which I still do not have any idea what that is or means) then more power to him. He could stand to get a haircut, though. I’m sure you’ve talked to him about it, after a couple of glasses of wine, when it seems like an appropriate time to bring up sensitive issues because everyone’s feeling good and you’re in public so the chance of causing a scene is less likely, not that he would cause a scene, because he’s so chill. And yet here we are, and there’s the hair, still. So I’m sorry if I’m just rubbing salt in the wound by pointing out that your boyfriend could really REALLY use a haircut big time. But even Ras Trent is like, “yuck, dude.”

Oh, and here is Dan Gordon-Levitt on Inception:

‘Inception’ felt like the smartest movie since ‘The Matrix,’ and ‘The Matrix’ is really important to me. I can see little kids growing up really thinking about their dreams and what their reality is — because they grew up playing ‘Inception.’ I find it unbelievably inspiring that they made such a huge movie that is truly and artistically relevant. It was so smart, it really made you think. I love the idea that this will help other movies take more risks and challenge people more and not be so formulaic. Just awesome.

Haha. Look, I loved The Matrix, too, but anyone who says “The Matrix is really important to me” is INSTANT YOUR BOYFRIEND. Luckily for you, he probably doesn’t even believe in marriage. “Do you ever think we’re all just energy squirrels in the forest of the universe?” Relax, Dan Gordon-Levitt. (Via HuffingtonPost.)