Marching Band Covers The Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder Song”

I’ve got mixed feelings about the Antoine Dodson meme, and have had since the beginning. It’s just hard to understand the motives of the original news team in including him in their report, and it’s hard to understand the motives of the Internet (always) in spreading the clip. But mixed feelings is the right word, because motives and ebonics aside, he is funny. And funny sells. It’s not nearly as blatant and terrible as Epic Beard Man. What was WITH you guys on that one? (You guys = Information Superhighways.) “It’s hilarious how that overtly racist old man punches a black man in the face.” Cool. Finger on the pulse. We are getting off track. All of us, we all share an equal responsibility in taking this conversation off track. Back on track: every meme would probably–almost certainly–benefit from getting a marching band involved, and the Antoine Dodson meme is no exception.

After the jump, the original “Bed Intruder Song,” just in case you needed a reminder. Or a song to listen to while you get dressed. In your rape-protective clothing.

“What meme should the marching band do next?! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!” Says some boring old blog. Blogs are the worst. (Marching band video via HighDefinite.)