Oh, Legless Cat! So Chill!

Legless cat is so chill! I heard that one time, legless cat fell asleep in the ocean and that’s how Hawaii was invented. I heard that Jack Johnston stole all his songs from legless cat. I heard that if you smoke legless cat, you get high like when you smoke marijuana. I heard that legless cat rides to work on a longboard. I heard that all of legless cat’s clothes are made out of fleece. I heard that you’re not allowed to wear shoes in legless cat’s house, not even into the foyer, you have to leave them on a tatami outside. I heard if you listen to legless cat’s chest with a stethoscope, instead of a heartbeat you hear “Good Vibrations.” I heard that if you enter legless cat’s shared-dream state to incept an idea into legless cat’s dream-safe, you don’t want the kick, because her dreams are sooooo chilllllllll. (Via Arbroath.)