Which Of These Photos Of Russell Brand Is More Annoying?

Lately, Russell Brand has been Twittering a bunch of photos of himself on the set of the remake of Arthur*, but it has been getting harder and harder to figure out which photo is the most annoying. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all terrible, but which is the MOST terrible? I’ve narrowed it down to these two (although this one deserves HONORABLE MENTION). On the left, we have Russell Brand getting a bath (and a handjob, I guess, ugh, fart) from Helen Mirren. She’s a dame of the realm! On the right, we have Russell Brand fondling Elmo’s genitals. Get it? Elmo is for children, but genitals are for adults! Klassik Komedy! Would it help if you knew what kind of “witty” one-liner he was posting along with the photos? Here’s a fun game, see if you can tell which joke goes with which photo:

At last. A bath from Helen Mirren. Never has getting clean been more dirty.


He started it. He tickled me.

Oh I hate them both so much! But I’m pretty sure the Elmo photo is the worst, right? Oh, but that Helen Mirren photo is pretty bad. What are you doing, Helen Mirren! You are supposed to be THE QUEEN! Oof. These photos. Hard to choose. If only we didn’t live in a world where we absolutely were required to pick which of these photos was the worst, and we could just agree that they are both incredibly and perhaps even equally terrible. But we don’t live in that world. We live in this one. It’s so unfair.

Winner will be announced via Twitter this afternoon.

*Also, remake of Arthur? Well done, Hollywood. I’m just glad that you waited until everything was JUST RIGHT before going ahead with this one, because you know how mad all the fanboys would have gotten if you had foolishly tarnished that legacy.