Entourage Done After Next Season! Our Long National Nightmare Finally Ending!

Genuinely great news, everyone. The HBO show Entourage, a stakes-free dramedysenuts about a group of weed enthusiasts who never know whether to get lunch at an outdoor cafe or shop for Maseratis, will be drawing to a close next year after a shortened eighth season (EIGHTH SEASON!). HBO’s Michael Lombardo, whoever that is, said (via /Film):

The plan right now is we’ll finish up this season, we’ll do a shorter order for next season, we’ve talked about six… Entourage next summer will definitely be the final season.

THIS IS BETTER THAN WHEN THEY FILLED IN THAT HOLE IN THE OCEAN WHERE ALL THE OIL WAS COMING OUT OF IT! And very similar. I heard when they wrap on the final episode of the final season, they’re going to fill Adrien Grenier with cement. In any case, the reaction around the world has been rather unanimous:

This is like that scene at the end of The Matrix Revolutions when Agent Smith has been destroyed and mankind has been freed and they walk off into the sunset and you’re like “I don’t know what all that is about, but I’m just glad this shit is finally over!”