Now We Will All Have Seen This Video About A Teenager With A Maggot Growing In His Eyeball

There is no way I’m suffering having seen this video about a teenager who has trouble seeing and goes to the hospital and learns that there is a maggot growing in (and EATING) his eyeball by myself. No. Nope. No, sir. You’re coming with me on this particular journey of discovery. Perhaps we should have all taken the blue pill, but we didn’t, and now WE ARE ALL GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE TOGETHER.

Best part of this video: the dramatic re-enactments of the teenager walking to school and covering his eye with his hand.
Worst part of this video: the part where it’s about a teenager who has a maggot GROWING AND EATING HIS EYEBALL.

On the one hand, posting this video, I definitely feel a little less alone with the information that this is a thing that happens in this world, on the other hand, I definitely still feel like I just watched a video about a teenager with a maggot growing and eating his eyeball. Misery loves barfery.