Eminem And Rihanna “Love The Way You Lie” Video, You Guys

“Love the Way You Lie” is a new Eminem song off his new album that they play on the radio a lot, and now there is a music video (after the jump). The song, which features Rihanna, is ostensibly an anti-domestic abuse anthem, which they both unfortunately seem to know a lot about. Fair enough. One could make the argument that the dude who sang about stuffing his wife’s dead body into the trunk of a car and driving it off a bridge, and whose live shows used to feature an inflatable effigy of his wife that he would throw into the audience to be molested and torn to shreds might not be the one to take the lead on this issue, but the song could just as well be about opening bottles of luxury vodka in a private plane on the way to the AVN Awards, so at least some people are trying in this world. That being said, the video for the song (which actually, if we can go back a second, might be a little TOO catchy considering the subject matter. Like if Katy Perry’s “California Girls” was dealing with the difficult subject of refugee displacement in the war-torn Middle East) stars Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings 2, Lost) and MEGAN FOX (Jennifer’s Body) in a super-stylized, beautifully filmed portrait of a passionate and occasionally violent relationship:

Uh, guys? Eminem? Rihanna? If you really want to get the word out there about the horrors of domestic violence, maybe don’t pick two famous super-attractive people (or at least two famous people and ONE super-attractive famous person) and have them filmed bathed in nothing but gorgeous, wistful, golden light having arguments that just inevitably lead to hot make-out sessions. I know that attractive people can be trapped in the violent cycle of domestic abuse (Hi, Rihanna), and that the violence is often entwined with the passion and/or positivity of the relationship, but that is Megan Fox, and she is make believe, and I’ve never wanted to be Dominic Monaghan so bad. MEGAN, WE COULD MAKE SECOND BREAKFAST TOGETHER! (Sorry.)