Jeremy London UPDATE: Still A Lying Drug Addict!

It has been a couple of weeks without any Jeremy London news. Ever since he agreed to star in Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew to get the help he so desperately needs from a garbage TV doctor for his addiction to being forced to smoke drugs at gunpoint, the story has gone quiet, as we say in the journalism business (I just made that up! It sounds good, though, right?) But today: FRESH NEWS. And as you might expect: IT IS HILARIOUS. From Radar:

Police investigating the Jeremy London kidnapping case want to question his soon-to-be ex-wife again after she turned whistleblower in exclusive interview with

Melissa Cunningham revealed that London was looking to “score drugs” on the night that he was allegedly abducted.

“I believe it was a drug deal gone bad,” she told on Monday.

DING DONG! Wait a second, you mean to say that on the night when two men allegedly helped you fix a flat tire, then gave you a ride home, and then forced your husband to smoke drugs at gunpoint and buy alcohol (?!) for people in the neighborhood (?!) that this was not a routine smash-and-grab robbery?

Cunningham’s revelation has sparked new interest by police in Palm Springs, California who now want to question her further about her claims.

I bet! Oh man, if it turns out that Jeremy London was just being a racist liar when he claimed that two black men stole his car and forced him to smoke drugs at gunpoint (?!) and buy alcohol for people in the neighborhood (?!) that is going to be some real EXPLOSIVE SNOOZE. Wake up, Palm Springs Police Department. If Horatio Cane was on the case, he would be like YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RIGHT!