Party In The UGA

Do you guys ever wish that your dad was a hotel magnate who was deliberating to whom to relinquish control of his company, and because of your aimless, indulgent lifestyle, he offered to give the company–your heritage and inheritance!–to his unethical and dastardly business associate unless you went back to school, starting with kindergarten, and completed your entire education in a year to prove you were serious about continuing the family tradition of hard work and entrepreneurial enterprise? Do you guys ever wish that, too? It just seems like you could do a lot of things differently, you know? You could correct past mistakes, and go to any school you wanted. Any school at all. The University of Georgia or just wherever, it doesn’t have to be the University of Georgia, but it could be the University of Georgia if you wanted it to be, which why wouldn’t you want it to be? What a fun neat school. I hear the meal plan’s amazin. Yeah, sometimes I just really wish that my dad was in charge of a fortune 500 company and I was a total disappointment and I could go, as a full grown adult, to the University of Georgia, to prove him wrong. See, dad, I’m smart! I make smart choices and think about smart things! (Thanks for the tip, Candice.)