The Poster For Joaquin Phoenix’s Mockumentary Is Surprisingly Tasteful For A Movie That Is A Fart Prank

Two winters ago (TWO WINTERS AGO!) Joaquin Phoenix was having that public meltdown. Remember? When he claimed that he was retiring from acting, Amanda Bynes-style, and insisted that he was going to start a rap career. Meanwhile, the whole time, Casey Affleck was following him around with cameras, “documenting” the whole thing. Sure. There were questions at the time about the authenticity of the whole thing, as if this could ever have been real. As if two showbiz egomaniacs, both of whom slithered their way into Hollywood on the broad backs of their more famous siblings, were going to fart it all away for a low-rent “documentary” that is of interest to, like, three grad students with terrible taste. No. It’s a goof! We all know that. We all BEEN knowing that. But now the movie is actually set to come out in actual movie theaters! I would have thought this one to be a direct-to-Microsoft-KIN-release, but you’re actually going to be able to buy a ticket and sit in a room with strangers and watch whatever the hell this is on the same screen as real movies! (Meanwhile, Casey Affleck faces TWO charges of sexual harassment from female crew members on the set of this film. Cool dude! Mr. Cool Guy. “That’s my awesome brother!” — Bennifer.) Fart! Barf! And yet, this poster is very tasteful. It looks like a book cover from KNOOMPF! It looks like a flyer for an art gallery show! It looks like a Werewolf Weekend album! Very refined and tasteful, which suggests to me that the movie is also going to be refined and tasteful. Definitely.

Other refined and tasteful movies that have featured similarly stylized and artful posters: Good Luck Chuck and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Click through to enlarge. (Via Movieline.)