Looking Good, Gary Oldman!

Check out Mr. Cool Cloak over here. Remember when Gary Oldman was one of the most talented actors of his generation, and was able time and time again, no matter how famous or recognizable he became, to disappear into his characters? I THINK DISAPPEARING IS OFF THE TABLE AT THIS POINT, AM I RIGHT, FUSCIA VELVETEEN BALL GOWN WITH COMPLIMENTARY LEATHER GLOVES? The best part about this outfit is that he is NOT playing a wizard or sorcerer. This was taken behind-the-scenes on the set of Catherine Hardwicke’s update of Little Red Riding Hood (needs more !) and Gary Oldman plays Father Solomon, “the man tasked with tracking down and killing the werewolf.” (Also, “werewolf,” of course, ugh, BUT:) HE IS JUST PLAYING SOME DUDE!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure there’s a scene in the movie where they are like “Fahter Solomon, please, you must go into the forest and slay the werewolf, you’re our only hope!” And Gary Oldman is like, “It’s a dangerous task set before me, but each man must attempt to rise to the historic occasion presented to him. Even if it costs me my last breath, I will keep you safe from the beast. Just give me a second to put on my coat.” And there’s this dead silence as he puts this thing on and the camera just lingers on everyone’s face as they see this fucking coat that he’s about to actually wear outside where other people in the village might see him. And finally one of them is like, “Are you seriously going to wear that, dude?” And he’s like “I’m off! Off I go!” And he leaves, and the rest of the movie is the people still in the cottage talking shit about his crazy outfit. Even the werewolf is like “uh, what?”

Click through to enlarge for BIGGER laffs. (Image via Pajiba.)