Basil Marceaux Continues His Inspiring Campaign For Governor Of The Brain Hospital

Earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial candidate for the state of Tennessee, Basil Marceaux, became an Internet Hero when he mumbled his way through a local television broadcast highlighting the candidate’s views on, well, who knows. Guns and flowers or something. But even though even Basil himself would probably agree that he isn’t the most polished or “slick” candidate for political office of all time, it’s just like the ELITE LIBERAL MEDIA to AMBUSH someone by offering someone an OPEN PLATFORM TO EXPRESS THEIR VIEWS, thereby humiliating them before the public. As his latest campaign video proves, he was simply caught unawares by a bunch of liberal, latte-sipping, haircut having, shoe wearing, Communist faggots. When he’s actually allowed to speak his mind without the harsh glare of the JEW LIGHTS, he is quite eloquent and makes a really strong case for why he should be one of this country’s powerful leaders:

Powerful stuff. VERY political. Please vote Basil Marceaux Dot Com November Bleenth. (Thanks for the tip, David.)