Jersey Shore S02E01: Open Thread

The worst part about last night’s episode, besides the fact that it was mostly boring and drama-free and and didn’t actually take place in New Jersey and didn’t even have that many good quotes in it (although Snooki’s “I feel like a pilgrim from the friggin’ ’20s” was top-shelf stupid) was the weird insistence on this being a real thing? Not only is it 2010, an era where most of the world knows how reality TV works (thanks, Joe Millionaire), but the people on this particular show have already been on this show before. Like when everyone kept saying “JWOWW called me up and said we should road trip down to Miami,” or whatever? Or when Angelina (gross) said that she was talking to DJ Pauly D on the phone and he basically invited her? Two lies in a lie pod. Both of those things were created by television producers, which is fine, that is their job. But I don’t think anyone would have complained if JWOWW and Snooki just got into the car without explanation and drove down there. Be safe! And if it’s true that DJ Pauly D and the Situation invited Angelina (it’s not true) they should have just not done that. Angelina’s the worst! On a cast of worsts!

The best part of the show was how despite the show’s popularity and the sudden and widespread fame of the cast-members, they still live in the shittiest house I’ve ever seen with three children’s beds from K-Mart smooshed together in a room painted by a lunatic. Ha. Also, it’s amazing that this show has become such a cultural touchstone, and yet not a single corporation is actually willing to align its brand with these goofs. Cool Takers trailer, though. Oh, and I also really liked the part when they yelled at each other. It just goes to show, you can take the cast of Jersey Shore out of New Jersey, but you can’t take the them yelling at each other while kind of laughing in the car on the way to the nightclub out of the cast of Jersey Shore.