Titanic II Trailer And IMDB Memorable Quotes

Titanic II trailer, you guys:

Obviously, this movie (which is REAL) is going to be OVERFLOWING (get it?) with Memorable Quotes, many of which didn’t make it into the trailer (not to mention, you don’t just give the Memorable Quotes away, they have to be earned). Here are a few that I definitely didn’t just make up at all:

  • “Welcome onto the Titanic.”
  • “This isn’t a floating boat. It’s a floating coffin.”
  • “I’m sorry, ma’am, we don’t serve Diet Red Bull on this ship. May I offer you a vodka and regular Red Bull?”
  • “Iceberg II!”
  • “I’m Twittering from the top of the worlllld! — sent via TweetDeck at 6:45PM.”
  • “You blow me first, BEFORE the jaccuzzi. THEN the midnight buffet.”
  • “Get me Bourne.”

Good quotes from a good movie. (Trailer via BuzzFeed.)