Aretha Franklin Sings “I Say A Little Prayer” With Musical Accompaniment By Condoleezza Rice. Obviously.

Most things in this world go unexplained. It is 2010, and we still don’t know how to cure the common cold, or where to locate France on a map. And some people dedicate their entire lives to finding answers to these elusive questions. There are philosophers and anthropologists and space scientists and junior high math teachers, all trying to get to the secret heart of the universe. But sometimes we come up against questions for which there is no answer, the very idea of an answer is an impossibility, and this glaring existential fact throws our ineffable and inexplicable blip in the ever-expanding, infinite multi-verse right back in our faces. Who knows why we are here, or whether there is a God, or why Aretha Franklin sang “I Say A Little Prayer” with musical accompaniment by former Secretary of State and war-monger, Condoleezza Rice? You cannot know. But that will not stop people from continuing to try. They will watch the clip after the jump and then they will have a double espresso and sit under a tree and in the end, they’ll die alone like the rest of us.

So intense. What does it mean?! (Via TheAwl.)