Duh Aficionado Magazine: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is An Idiot

Holy moly. Look, we all know that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot. Your mom knows that. There is not a single person in all of America, I’m sure, who is not baffled on a daily basis at why this painfully stupid woman continues to be allowed on a popular, nationally-syndicated talk show featuring OPINIONS. I’m not saying that dumb people aren’t entitled to have their dumb ideas about the issues of the day, they just don’t actually need to have a giant public forum through which to inarticulately voice those impossibly stupid opinions. Someone give this lady a livejournal and let’s be done with it. The people who must be the most proud and excited about Elisabeth’s highly visible role in the public debate are WOMEN. “Finally, someone who represents US.” Yikes. ANYWAY: despite the fact that we all know that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a moron, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still maintain the ability to surprise us! On a recent episode of The View, when the conversation turned to the increased number of older women engaging in homosexual relationships, Hasselbeck, the one-woman Genius Bar, declared boldly and with an inordinate degree of confidence, that this is because there aren’t any good men around!

Oh good grief. What a stupid asshole!

“This show is a lot of fun, and VERY interesting.” — Women

The best part of this clip is when Sherri Shepard jumps in to help Elisabeth. Perfect. I’m sure Elisabeth sent her a giant Harry & David gift basket as a sign of her gratitude after the show. “I really appreciated someone with your gravitas and well-known intellectual abilities standing behind me and my interesting, thoughtful, and important opinions.” That’s what the card said. In crayon. Just kidding. Elisabeth Hasselbeck would never send Sherri Shepard a Harry & David gift basket. TOO JEWY. (Via ONTD.)